February – September 2023

The Colour of Life

Exploring Kaleidoscopic Narratives

About The

Titled The Colour of Life, the virtual art exhibition highlights the vibrant use of colours in diverse styles of paintings and in various techniques to convey the artists’ optimistic perspectives on the simple pleasures of life and their daily encounters.

Through mesmerising visual narratives, the artworks represent themes of people and places; identity and land; social and cultural affairs, environmental values; as well as philosophical contemplations in meaningful colours.

Colours form an integral part of our lives, influencing our emotions and perceptions. For example, cool colours such as green and blue often evoke feelings of tranquillity and relaxation, while warm colours like red, orange, and brown tend to evoke a sense of comfort and warmth.

This exhibition celebrates the perceived phenomena of colour – its essential role in life from triggering emotions and senses – to its powerful tool for communication with different colours associating with various meanings in diverse cultures.

Among the artists featured in The Colour of Life are Fatimah Chik; Noor Mahnun Mohamed; Nadiah Bamadhaj; Yee I-Lann; Rozana Mohamed; Dr. Choong Kam Kow; Syed Bakar Syed Salim; Long Thien Shih; Kamal Mustafa; Dr. Zakaria Ali; Dato’ Mahsun Haji Taib; Jaafar Taib; Nizar Kamal Ariffin; Abdullah Jones; Munif Muhamad Nor; and more.

Curated by Malaysian art consultant Sarah Abu Bakar and designed by Malaysian architecture firm Fei Architect, and photographed by Wesley Wong of Giclee Art Sdn Bhd, Galeri Khazanah consists of five thematic virtual reality spaces – the Lobby; Traditional House; Peranakan; Pavilion and Glass Room.

The concept of the design is anchored in the theme of national identity to complement the original curatorial approach of celebrating Malaysia.

Fei Architect founder and principal, Ar. Lam Shen Fei, who took part in the Khazanah Design Residency 2019, describes the design purpose as a “…relook at architecture, interiors and landscape to depict the architectural styles of Malaysia, while taking into account that the online gallery will be accessed by foreigners, academicians, art enthusiasts and students. Such styles are crucial to creating a narrative that casts an impression during the virtual tour. This intention subverts the backdrop of ubiquitous white plain space of Western art galleries.”

The music accompaniment is an orchestral piece by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) titled Seri Mersing, composed by Pak Lomak and arranged by Ahmad Muriz Che Rose. This Melayu deli number retraces the rich heritage of Johor in its purest musical form. It is believed to be composed as early as 1923 and later popularised by the Queen of Songs Dato’ Sharifah Aini (from her self-titled fifth album in 1976) and later by Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza (from her 1997 second album, Siti Nurhaliza II).

This project is also in memory of a key team member, Mohd Suhaimi Ahmad an independent art advisor and collector who sadly passed away in November 2021.