Redza Piyadasa

(b. Pahang, 1939 – d. Selangor, 2007)

Redza Piyadasa was born in 1939 in Kuantan, Pahang. A charismatic artist and a pioneer in conceptual art in Malaysia, he was known for his seminal exhibition entitled Towards A Mystical Reality in 1974 with Sulaiman Esa. The historical show gave a new paradigm in the history of Malaysian art. His contributions in the fields of education, art criticism, art writing and the field of curation are greatly valued. He passed away in 2007 and left a great legacy in the field of Malaysian art. His “Siri Malaysia” conveys the memory of society and its essence to reflect the multiculturalism of Malaysians. The Warholian style is used with a mixture of silkscreen prints and collage patches as well as bright pastel colours with Pop Art idioms.

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