Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin

b. Perak, 1967

Known for his dynamic metalwork, Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin Raja masterfully transforms scrap metal into superior-quality figures and forms. He majored in Sculpture at Mara University of Technology (1987 – 1989) and taught briefly at the Malaysian Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur. In 1994, he returned to his hometown to learn the art of making keris. Raja Shahriman’s ironwork spans two decades and encompasses multiple series – “Killing Tools” (1994), “Gerak Tempur” (1996), “Gerak Tempur Peraliban” (1997), “Api, Bayangan dan Kemenyan” (1998), “Semangat Besi” (2001), “Nafas” (2004) and “Langkah Hulubalang” (2006). He received the Minor Award at the Salon Malaysia in 1991 and the Asia Pacific Cultural Industry Award in 2009. He has had solo exhibitions at Galeri Petronas and National Art Gallery Malaysia.

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