Maamor Jantan

(b. Kedah, 1961)

Born in 1961 in Kulim, Kedah, Maamor Jantan started as an apprentice machinist in Petaling Jaya in the early 1980’s. He then worked as an assistant curator with an art gallery in Kuala Lumpur, where gained access to the visual arts scene. In 1984, Maamor Jantan was introduced to artist, Khalil Ibrahim, who later became his mentor. Under Khalil’s guidance and companionship for more than a decade, they ventured into the wonderful world of art together. He joined the Malaysian Watercolour Society and participated in more than 70 exhibitions. With his natural flair in watercolour, Maamor progressed rapidly and was soon recognised for his distinctive style using delicate tones of blotched and bleached colours. He identifies strongly with idyllic kampung scenes such as ducks reared by the villagers for self-sustenance. His fascination with the double-winged patterns of the dragonfly has inspired his ‘Cak Cibor’ dragonfly series and reflects the artist’s intimate attachment with nature.

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